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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's another winter day on the Knolltop. It's cloudy, snow is falling and we're supposed to be getting 2 inches or so. Just enough to cover the ground and make things look pretty. It was actually warmer this morning when we ventured across the road to the was 22 out.

I talked to a dairy farmer yesterday and he asked the obvious question...anything frozen? It's funny how we think about the same things because we are all experiencing the same situations. Trying to keep the cows eating, drinking and milking while weathering the cold temps and wind that can freeze water pipes and drinking bowls quicker than anything.

I was on a conference call yesterday with AFACT. This is a group of farmers and industry people who have formed an organization to preserve technology in agriculture. It's name says it all, American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology. AFACT was birthed out of the push from processors for dairy farmers to stop using rBST. It's quite a group and they are well organized....I was impressed.

Are any of you who read this blog familiar with this group? Have any of you participated in any way with this group? If you have, I'd like to know your impressions.

Well, it's off to the barn for chores. I've got to write today and tonight JW has a basketball home..thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

Love your use of words "...birthed out of the push..." (referring to AFACT).
It takes so little to amuse me!

Stay warm and enjoy the snow!
Beth in PA

threecollie said...

Sending warm thoughts your far only one frozen water bowl here, but I guess it is supposed to get colder later in the week.

Anonymous said...

Up north in MI this is our 6 or 7th day off if school because of snow. Wonder what other states do about snow days? It won't be fun going most of June to make up. So far nothing frozen, but my ranger is down, gotta get it fixed. Keep up the good writing!!PH

somebody said...