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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Milk Labeling

Good Morning from the Knolltop! It's cold here..although I received warm greetings from a dairy farm in New York's still cold here! Hey you guys in the west...send us some warmer weather..I'm tired of winter already!

JW's team won last night and so did the varsity team with a half court shot at the buzzer for the win. We beat Jackson Christian and my pastor and his wife sat with us so we were able to enjoy the victory in their company! Oh....did that feel good. They were good sports about it.

I was reading a blog yesterday from the North east and they were elated that Pennsylvania reversed their labeling laws and decided it was okay to put rBST free on their milk labels. This is a big step backward, I think. Anything that incinuates that our milk supply....our WHOLE milk supply is less than nutritious or safe is dangerous and wrong. Milk is Milk. But I'm not getting on the bandwagon today....I'll let you do it.

Do any of you out there have an opinion on this issue? I'd love to hear it...whether you're a dairy producer, city dweller, organic producer whatever...I want to hear what you think.

Boy do I have to write today...I've got two stories and a column to create.....what would I do without a deadline?


messingar said...

I agree that it was a step back! These are misleading claims on labels and it's not fair to any consumer. I believe something needs to be done about it and soon. Otherwise, the industry to become divided and a divided army is easier to conquer.

Anonymous said...

I think people should have a choice, I understand there are hormones in all milk. But we have choices in almost everything else we buy and if we are paying money we should get the choice of what we buy. I see both sides of this as one employed on a large dairy and as an organic farmer. We as producers need to stop condemning each other and work together. I don't believe in using BST, I don't think it is necessary but I am not going to tell my neighbor he shouldn't use it. We have to do what we feel is right.
A few other comments not about milk labeling: We enjoy your column in the Farmer's Advance, my husband especially liked the one a few weeks ago when you talked about the teen aged girls starting to come around and your son. Also, I would have liked to attend the dairy conference in Frankenmuth, but other commitments will keep me away, the partners program looks great. But I received my Farm Women's Symposium newsletter and see one of the speakers will be there, maybe I can work out a couple days on the west side of the state. Keep up the good work!

threecollie said...

I couldn't agree with you more. We don't use BST but I feel bad for farmers who do and are losing their premiums and generally getting beat up over it. If there is no difference, then there is no difference. Most of the packaging claims that I have seen imply that there is something wrong with plain old milk and that BSt-free is somehow better and worth more money. Therein lies most of the problem I think. It is simply wrong to subtly make ordinary milk seem unwholesome in order to command a premium price from poorly informed consumers.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dairy farmer. I don't use bst because it stresses the animals. Monsanto needs to do their own work on this one; I'm not interested in fighting their battle for them.

somebody said...