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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Good morning from the Knolltop! It's sunny here and that helps brighten the spirits!

I am still laughing at an episode I had with my daughter Sarah yesterday. I think I will be laughing for a long time.

We are members of a church that is about 35 minutes away from here. We've been going there for 14 years now and although we have looked for a church closer to where we live, we always end up back at "home." So needless to say, when we invite people to go to church with us, if they are children we have to take them with us and if they are adults we usually caravan.

Over the past year we've had one friend of Luke's go with us and he has been very faithful in going....every Sunday. Now JW has a friend and she's been going with us the past few weeks too. The other day, a few of JW's other friends decided they would like to try this church too. Now we only have a seven passenger van and JW's truck and our truck is in the needless to say we only have room for seven people. Fortunately the past couple of weeks we've had sick family members so we've been able to accommodate the extra guests....but now everyone is healthy and we are running out of room.

On the way home from school yesterday Jake said one of his friends had arranged to go to church with us this Sunday. I just whimsically said, "We need a bigger van!" Sarah asked why and I told her we had Jake's friend and JW's two friends, and Luke's buddy....we didn't have enough room for everyone.

She looked at me and just as seriously as Sarah gets she said, "Mom, this taking people to church stuff has got to end!" I burst out laughing and Jake said, "What are you talking about Sarah?" She continued on and on about how people needed to find their own way to church or get their parents to take them or maybe they should just go to church in North Adams.

I just couldn't stop laughing about it...I mean I spend all my time trying to get more people to go to church...especially young people. God has given me the spiritual gift of I get really excited when people received Jesus as their Savior and now I have a daughter that thinks we need to just stop taking people to church! I'm still laughing! Either I failed in teaching this young lady how important Jesus is to everyone or she's possessed! (Just a joke, she's not really possessed!)

Today I'm picking out a Bible study for Sarah and I to do together...this "cooperative, flexible and kind student of the month" needs a little more than a splash of Jesus...she needs a tidal wave!