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Friday, January 11, 2008

Student of the month

It's overcast here on the Knolltop. I guess we are supposed to get rain off and on today and through the weekend. Bobby will go to JW's game tonight in Burr Oak...a long way from here. And Luke, Jake and I will stay home to do chores. Sarah has a birthday party to she misses out on chores tonight.

Speaking of Sarah...we just got home from seeing her be honored as the Student of the Month in her class. It's pretty neat deal, all the parents of the honored students are invited to the school for donuts and juice and milk and then we listen to what the teacher said about each honoree. This is what Mr. Parks had to say about Sarah:

One of the key lifelong guidelines is No-Put Downs. Despite the lame name, it is an important lifelong guideline. Sixth graders are not always known for always being kind and thinking about the feelings of others. It is nice to have a student like Sarah Hart in my room because I know that she will be thinking of others and won't be hurting their feelings...except maybe when she consistently aces the spelling pretests! Students like Sarah make teaching more fun! I am glad that she is a Parxie.

Some life skills that I appreciate in Sarah are: Cooperation, flexibility and patience. Sarah shows these skills in my classroom frequently. Sarah, thank you for your hard work. Keep it up as you are mooooooving through the 6th grade.

As you can see Mr. Parks has a silly sense of humor...and Sarah really enjoys him. I'm very proud of Sarah!

Okay, now that we spent the last hour at the school...chores are late and I need to get going!