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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Turn up the heat!

Yesterday with my 40 degree temps, I was chuckling at Mel from Pryorvu and how he posted his chilly temps and how they had to make sure everything was plugged in. I'm laughing no's down right cold this morning. It's 1 degree with 25 mph wind and a -20 windchill. Now that's just not needed in my world.

We are on our way to our Holstein district meeting this morning with the neighbor...providing chores go well, the gutter cleaner gods have not been good to us lately. So I may be on my way to Mooville Creamery today or I may's all up to the gutter cleaner. For those of you incline to...PRAY!

Gotta go get cold takes about 10 minutes just to put all the clothes on...yes, I'm a baby!


PryorVu said...

Blame it all on our Nephew John, he emailed yesterday and said it was -40F in the early am. I woke up at midnight last night and my digital thermometer that reads outside and shines on the ceiling said +18F. Got up and thru the switch on the head-bolt heater for the little car. Such an switch and no wind.

somebody said...