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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thuderstorms in January?

I just heard a rumble of thunder and I can't believe it. We must have moved to Georgia and I didn't know it. This weather feels just like the south on the few occasions that I've been there during the winter. I like it.

Last evening was such a hoot during chores. I told the kids after Christmas break they needed to start working with their show calves. While we were milking I saw JW and Luke get rope halters and drag their June calves out for a walk.

What was so funny was that JW has Pami's heifer, Pontoon who is the friendliest of the two calves and Luke has Holly's heifer, Honey. Neither one of these heifers has been worked with, they only get their chin scratched when I get in their pen each day to clean it out. They love having their chin scratched.

When the pulled them out to walk down the isle, Pontoon fought it every step of the way while Honey walked along as if Luke had been working with her for months. It was so funny to see JW fighting and pulling and complaining while Luke just passed by him with this perfectly trained, or so it appeared, heifer.

JW said it wasn't fair and I agreed and then I told him he just had to be patient....well, telling a teenage boy to be patient is like telling water not to flow down stream.

I've got two rooms cleaned I head to the Salvation Army with my items that are no longer needed but still had a useful life.

How 'bout that New Hampshire Primary? Are you tired of the election yet? I am!


threecollie said...

Isn't it amazing how some calves come "right out of the box" leading nicely and other would just as soon throw themselves down on the floor and play dead as follow someone on the halter? I love the ones that are proud of themselves and strut right along with their heads up as if saying, "look at me" right from the get go.

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

You are so right! It is really amazing...Honey is great, but her mom Holly, our pride and joy is probably one of the worst show cows we've ever "tried" to train! She is a four year old and still acts like a yearling heifer!

By the way, now that I've begun to stop by your blog on a regular basis, I really enjoy all that you write! It's so much fun to read about a life so similar to mine! Keep it up.

PryorVu said...

The old Norwegians call it
"Toonder", no h and no u.

bako1964 said...

I am new to blogging and found your blog while surfing. We too, had the January storms. We too, show cattle. My dh is an Ag teacher, so we have goats, cattle, sheep and pigs. It is nice to read about other families enjoying the same adventure.

somebody said...