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Friday, August 8, 2008

Another cow sale

We were off to another cow sale only this one was closer and had more surprises. But before I go there, I'd better identify the cute chick hugging my husband in yesterday's post. That cutie is Katrina Nunes, Matt and Mandy's second oldest girl. And when I told her and Bobby to get closer she reacted with hugging him, which gave Bobby quite a surprise. Being the southern gentleman he is, he would never touch another lady even if he were invited. I thought it was quite funny!

So on to the sale. We went to Graf's in Dansville yesterday and thought it would be a small purebred sale with a few cows flying under the radar. Bobby was sure he might find a bargain or two and had his eye on a couple of the better cows if they went cheap enough.

Everyone else had the same idea and there wasn't a bargain in the bunch! It was a tremendous sale which was great for the Graf family. There were buyers from all over the Midwest and even Arlin Buttke from North Carolina showed up to make a few purchases. There was a lot of interest in a contract cow and a couple of her calves. We ended up bringing one of those nice calves home for an out of state buyer. Not sure where her journey will take her next, but she's got a nice place to stay until her departure.

I snapped a few photos of some of the attendees, just for fun!

Dan Carroll from Select Sires was there to make a few purchases on behalf of some folks from Pennsylvania.Patty, left and Francis Palmerton, second from right of Hapleson Jerseys in Fowlerville were on hand. No, they weren't buying and black and whites, they were checking out the sale crew that will be on their place for their dispersal in September. Yes, these long time and world renown Jersey breeders will sell the milk cows and Patty said the first thing she's going to do is sleep in every morning for 2 weeks! These folks are from my homestead where I grew up and are a great couple. If you ever need a laugh, these two will fill the bill. They are great folks with great Jerseys and if you're looking for a good one be at their place on September 6th! The guy to the right of Patty is Matt Biermacher, a Semex salesman and college buddy of mine, and of course Dan Carroll was able to sneak into the shot as well. He loves the camera.And you can't have a purebred Holstein sale without Mr. Holstein himself, Max Dunseth, our Holstein Association representative. Chad Kreeger is in the center going over some last minute details with Matt Biermacher.