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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A God rocker

I've got to share a God moment with you! Remember back a couple of weeks when I was complaining about not getting my rocking chair at TSC? I was waiting until the price dropped one more time and then I was going to snatch it up! But much to my dismay, my rocking chair was snatched up by another bargain hunter. I distinctly remember thinking that if I didn't get that rocking chair, God had another one in mind that was better and most likely because God knows I like my stuff for free(remember the treadmill?) would be free.

Yesterday I was at a lady's home and she was preparing to move into a smaller apartment. She's a matriarch of a family in our church and she has to be as old as Moses! And she's still has it together and was a pretty as a picture when I walked into her home!

Anyway, when I went into the room where I was picking up some things she had offered me, I saw this rocking chair. It was the rocking chair of my past... the rocking chair that sat in my childhood farmhouse kitchen. The rocking chair where my mom would comfort us when we had bumps and bruises. When we came crying(with earnest tears and everything) she would pick us up, sit down in that chair and hold us close. I can still feel that little chair rocking and I can smell her perfume.

I was amazed as I looked at this little rocker not ever thinking that there was another one in the world just like my moms! Not saying a word, I just kept loading some other things and then the Lady's son who was standing nearby said, "You can have that rocker if you want it" Music to my ears, I snatched that rocker up, loaded it on my truck and brought it home.

As I sat in that rocker this morning, drinking my coffee I thought about how God had blessed me. Did I need a rocking chair? No. Did I deserve a rocking chair? Absolutely NOT! But that's what's so great about God, he gives us what we surely don't deserve and absolutely don't need simply because He loves his children. He knew deep down, I wanted a rocker, but I could've lived without it. And when he saw how my heart sank when the rocker at TSC was gone, he put another plan in motion for me to get an even better rocker. A rocking chair that I could've never imagined was out there. And the best part was absolutely only God can give.

Well, today on the Knolltop we are going to move some calves around, vaccinate the cows and I've got to run a couple of errands and try to get some writing done before tomorrow.

The biscuits and gravy are getting cold!


PryorVu said...

Greeting from PryorVu:
Gram and Gramps should have arrived home from the PryorVu last night. Had a good visit and we were able to visit a good eating and waterhole on Monday eve. All seemed to enjoy. Has been hot here, near 100+. Garden is shelling out. Lots of cukes, corn, potatoes, pepper and the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. Had garden resident for about two months in the garden. Someone dropped off a Rhode Island Red rooster. He started off with the name of "Fancy Pants" but it soon changed to "RoJo" when he started peaking holes in things, and enjoying the strawberrys and ripening tomatoes. So we had a chicken rodeo on Sunday, caught the "varmit" and transfered him to the neighbor girls chicken coop when he can carry on his masculine duties. He was much luckier than the 20 raccoons and four skunks that go caught in the live traps and were transfer to coulee heaven.
Anxiously waiting for the melons and tomatoes to come on in full bore. Am tired of cukes, have done over 80qts of dills and 24 pints of bread and butter. Have frozen some green beans. For potatoes, Yukon Golds are the real answer to flavor.

The calves are growing and all the livestock a really doing okay in the heat. Have to supplement the water supply by hauling water from Elbow Creek. Have a good pump location along the ranch road into the Sankey Rodeo Company Ranch.

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