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Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday JW!

Today is a big day for JW. Seventeen short years ago, he was born after what seemed like a week of labor, well, actually only 18 hours. In Goshen, Indiana our first son was born and I thought he was the greatest thing since.....anything! He was just the greatest! I'll never forget getting him home and not having a clue about being a wasn't as automatic as I thought it would be. Now that baby is 17! I don't feel 17 years older....but the wrinkles and grey strands give me away! Happy Birthday JW!

The female fitter yesterday stumped you all! I had no winning guesses yesterday for our "Name the Fitter" contest. So now I've got to give you the answer....her nick name is "Ace"! Her real name is Kristy Johnson from Minnesota and she did a whoppin' good job for Bruce Rendon and Craig Martin fitting up their huge Jersey string. I watched her haul cow after cow after cow back and forth to the wash rack!

Now for today's contestant on

"Name that Fitter"

You're choices for his nick name are:

"Triple Threat"

"Mo Boy"




Today will be a busy day on the Knolltop. Celebrating JW's birthday is on the top of the list. That means caking baking and decorating and Sarah will be gone most of the day, so I will actually have to bake the cake myself!