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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lemonade stand was a big hit

A sure sign of summer time is a lemonade stand. While touring dairy farms in Wisconsin, we went to Jacksons where these precious little girls had a stand all set up, waiting for thirsty customers. The two oldest daughters of well known cattle fitter, Joel Kietzman, who happen to also be the granddaughters of the Jacksons, had set up the stand at their grandparents farm and little did they know the visitors who happened to stop in to look at the cows would also be their best customers of the day.When we got done looking at the cows we headed for a tall glass of ice cold lemonade....okay, it was a short plastic cup, but it was cold and good. Besides, as cute as these little girls were, it could've been warm and tart and the men would've chugged it down and asked for more.
What a great memory for these girls to have been at their grandparents farm with a successful lemonade stand. They may never sell another sip of the cold drink, but they will forever think back to the fond memories on the farm.

Today on this farm they will be hauling more manure, cleaning out a couple of calf pens and I'm going to get Sarah started on peaches. I still have more writing to do with a bunch of other stuff that has piled up on me. Having spent the day goofing off at the fair yesterday, I'm not behind....way behind.