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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Everyone needs one

A good mechanic....everyone needs a good mechanic.

Yesterday Big Daddy came in and said something was wrong with the hydraulics on the skidsteer. Not being a mechanic, he gets a little fretful about these kinds of things. So after dinner, he was headed out to see if he could fix it and JW and I were going to milk. When I began milking I looked out at the skidsteer and there he was...our wonderful mechanic!

Immediately I stopped worrying...with Glen around there is no fear...he can fix anything and does so with a smile. He's just one great guy. Before long, Big Daddy was on his way to the store for parts and he would have it fixed in no time. The bad news is, at this time at night, the right store wasn't open, so he has to get the part today. So that meant all the feed was shoveled to the cows. Bobby and his crew, JW, Luke and Jake shoveled and wheelbarrowed and shoveled and wheelbarrowed until all the feed was fed. They had a great system going and it was done in no time.

You know that old saying, "You know the wealth of the water when the well goes dry?"Now we know the valued of the skidsteer when the hydraulics go dry!