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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fairs and convictions

Okay...I'll admit it, I'm finally feeling the fair crunch. Could it be that not a bovine is clipped yet? Could it be that not a project is started? Could it be that I've been gone two days from home this week, have three stories and a column to write all today, after the neighbor and I take some things up for the fair this morning? Could it be that my daughter was nearly in tears last evening while working on her homework because she knows she doesn't have her projects started, she'll have home work from what she will miss next week and she hasn't washed or lead her heifer in two weeks?

Okay, yes after writing all that now I'm an anxious mess! No, not really, this is the mode I work best in...down to the wire with a deadline lurking around the corner.

I had an interesting time yesterday at a meeting hosted by Monsanto with dairy producers and industry people discussing the push to stop using rBST. What made it a little more interesting was the fact that on my way up to the meeting in Lansing, I was on Rural Route with Trent Loos and Kyle Bauer and our topic guessed it....the use of rBST in the dairy industry.

I did my best to come up with any silly arguement to disagree with everything they said, but they still accused me of having no convictions. I do..I really do. I have strong convictions should never wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day! And when setting the table, the blade of the knife should always be towards the plate! And...umm....there are no calories in a nibble of cheese cake...only when you sit and eat the whole piece at one time.! See...I do have convictions!

I'll probably end up writing my column this week about the meeting. So you'll have to read about it in the Farmers' Advance.


Anonymous said...

I see they are having a Combine
Demolition Derby at the fair.
Now that's what the boys need to
get into . Forget that tractor pull stuff
Francis and Pat

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Anonymous said...

Just curious on school during the fair, do your kids get off all week, and in your school what percentage participates at the fair? Pat H

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