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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First day of school

It's that time again....the first day of school. The hair is braided, the new clothes on and they are ready to go...I'm not ready for them to leave though!

JW will take them...this is the first time they've ever driven off to school without me..I've always taken them. I don't think I like this growing up stuff.

The tractor pull was fun yesterday...more about that later! Now it's time to pray and kiss and wave goodbye...oh for heaven's sake, the school is two miles away and they'll be back in a matter of hours....I know, I know.


Anonymous said...

I wish someone could explain to me the big rivalry between Michigan State and U of Mich. I was on a missions trip with some kids from Michigan and they were messing with the one kid because he was a fan of one, and all the rest were fans of the other. Is it just two big schools in Michigan, therefore the rivalry exists, or is there some deeper, darker side to the rivalry? I am from PA and for us, there is only one football team to root for - Penn State.
Beth in PA

Anonymous said...

Wait till they start collage. I can only pray that you get lucky like we did and the collage is close enough to get there and back
in one day.
Francis and Pat

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Okay for you Beth....U of M is a liberal arts college...MSU is the ag school in the state. They are both Big 10 teams and they have always been rivals. I can't tell you how it got started, but I can tell you, I cheer for all ag schools, except when they are playing MSU. So yes, I root for Penn's just something in my blood I guess. Maybe someone who's been an alumn (sp?) much longer than I can explain it...maybe someone who graduated in the 50s?

And yes, Patty...Hillsdale College is just 12 miles away...I would be happy if they all graduated from there...even though it's not an ag school in the least and it's the most expensive private college in the nation! I know, I'm pitiful!

Anonymous said...

The rivalry between MSU and Uof M has been there even longer than those of us who graduated in the 50ties and it is very strong even now. as Melissa knows, our favorite saying is "My favorite team is Michigan State and anyone who beats Michigan!" I too root for the other ag schools especially when the are playing U of M. and never when they are playing MSU. mom

Anonymous said...