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Friday, September 12, 2008

BFF defined

It's a foggy wet morning here on the Knolltop. I think the hurricanes are affecting us way up here.

Last night we went to Waldron for Luke's JV football game. They did a great job and beat the Spartans. Luke played quarterback the whole game, when he wasn't on defense. I know I'm his mom...but really, he's a great player!

Jake was the ball boy on the side lines and while he was standing there the boys who were running the chains and the down marker were visiting with him....of course. One of the boys said, "Man, that number 16 is awesome, he should be on varsity!" If that didn't make Jake swell up with pride... all pumped up he said, "Yeah, I know, that's my brother." What a hoot!

Now there is something else I need to get straight. While sitting with my BFF Sue, her mom and my parents at the game we were all discussing the use of "BFF." Sue came up with a different meaning than the original use which is Best Friend Forever. She said she thought I was saying Big Fat Friend instead of the real meaning. Now, I've never called her fat and have no intention of calling her my fat friend. Mostly because she's not and I would never call anyone fat....unless I had some pit bull coming out and I needed to use it for effect.

Nonetheless I had to get that straight just in case anyone of of you who read this thought I meant Big Fat Friend.

The salsa is done but my column is you know what I'm doing this morning. Tonight is homecoming and JW will miss it because he's headed to MSU to give five sets of reasons before they leave for Harrisburg, PA this evening. I get to help Bobby run the chains tonight, which means I get to be on the sidelines of the opposing team listening to all their interactions...I can't wait! Full review over the weekend!