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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pulls, parades and crashes

It was a busy weekend here on the Knolltop, mostly because of the tractor show in Waldron yesterday. Luke and I took our tractors down on Saturday night. He pulled me with his tractor for two reasons. One, his tractor is faster than mine and it saves on gas! It took us an hour and 25 minutes to drive down there and what a nice evening it was to travel at 18 miles per hour.

Yesterday we were in the parade and had a great time. There were a boatload of tractors in that parade....and really there was a boatload of everything in that parade! Then we watched the antique tractor pulls all afternoon until it was time for Big Daddy and me to milk. We didn't get to watch Luke pull, but he said he didn't do very well anyway. As competitive as Luke is in every other part of his life when it comes to pulling his tractor, I think he just likes to participate.

Today was the first day of school and typically the only one who was really happy about returning was Sarah. She was ready to get back and see her friends. The boys would be happy to never darken the doors of another school as long as they live. Although I think deep down inside, they wanted to see their buddies too.

Over the weekend, my computer crashed....which means I lost everything.....all my writing....all my emails....all my email addresses......everything! So I want all of you to email me so I can start collecting addresses again. Just send me a quick email, so I can save your info.

Nana, Carole and Joann...this is for you especially, if you have any of my past columns that I've sent you....please send them back to me so at least I have those. Send everyone of them that you've kept, please and thank you bunches!

Now I'm headed out to work with the show string now that the clan is gone!

One more thing... please continue to pray for the lady in Kansas, she's had bad days and good days, but isn't improving like they thought she would. I will update you when I get them...but as of this morning she was a little better, but not as good as they'd hoped. Keep praying please!


threecollie said...

That is terrible about your crash and losing your columns. Somehow when we were at camp the July 4 paper copy of mine was lost and I really regret it. Hope you get them all back!

Anonymous said...

Just a little reminder--you may have lost them on your computer but old mom here has hard copies of every one you have ever written! Hmm wonder if that gives me any advantage!! mom

somebody said...