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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


All I can say today is WOW..those little brown cows can stir up more action in one day than Sarah Palin!

Because all they had were numbers for their registered names, they will now be affectionately referred to as Francis and Pat. And they went out for the first time last evening....JW actually had to touch them. They enjoyed their first time outside with the big girls, but kept to themselves. Thinking we would have to chase them around this morning to get them in, we got up early, but after all the Holsteins came into their places, F & P came in together and with less wrangling than the rodeo we had when the arrived on Saturday, we got them in their stalls successfully.

I loved all the comments yesterday, but one of the most profound one was when the confederates of Bobby's family said it was like Colonel Sanders eating pork. That was about as true as it gets. And Jake feels the same way still today. On Sunday evening when Bobby had to run into the gas station he was in a hurry and told Jake he couldn't go with him. When Bobby got out of ear shot, Jake curled his lip, squinted his eyes and said disdainfully, "Jersey lover!"

Okay, I'd love to write even more but it will all have to wait until tomorrow, I have a Holstein Association board meeting to head to and a conference call on the way I have to prepare for and I haven't even showered!

Thanks for all the great comments and isn't that Russell Gammon a total HOOT?! If I ever get my book written, I'm hiring him for my publicist!


threecollie said...

We have about seven Jerseys now from the one original that we let Liz buy for her summer pay...they seem to hang together in their own little cliques too.

Pryovue said...

There is even a black and white mixed in with the red and white on the hillside in sight of the

Pryovue said...

There is even a black and white mixed in with the red and white on the hillside in sight of the

Paintsmh said...

Like my mom threecollie said ours hang together too. The four of them that are milking are generally the leaders taking everyone out to pasture and bringing them back in...but the oldest Heather who is the first one I bought is so funny. She is best buddies with my big Zenith and her Blitz daughter. The three of them are almost always in a pack. That is when it is funniest! Two monster cows and a itty bitty brown one. It is completely comical!

Anonymous said...