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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good far.

It seemed like a good first day of school as they kids dribbled in from their activities. First JW and Jake came home at the regular time and they had full reports of how their day went. Then Sarah showed up in the barn from volleyball practice and she gave a good report, the only thing she could complain about was her locker is so far away from her classes....keep in mind there are 500 kids in this school......K-12.

When Luke got home from football practice an hour after Sarah I called him on my cell from the barn and he said he wasn't feeling well.....too hot at football was my guess. But he said his day went well too. He's happy because his BFF Brad, (don't tell him I used that term!) is in almost every class.

I had a busy day at home. I ran the hedge trimmers back to the rental shop...I hate bushes that need to be shaped and trimmed! And then back home to wash the show string and back in the house for dishes, laundry and a quick nap. Then it was back to the feed store and Walmart for a couple of school necessities. Then it was pork burgers on the grill for dinner and out for chores. After chores I worked with our summer yearlings then Bobby and I delivered a bull calf to Mr. Kyser's farm. That was a fruitful visit...I brought home one of their muskmelons...boy do they grow good melons!

I popped the popcorn and Bobby and I sat at the table filling out forms, signing papers, visiting with whatever kid came to the kitchen table while munching on popcorn.

Today I've got to get to my garden...the tomatoes are calling...I can here them from here!


Anonymous said...

Ok, what does BFF mean? Did I miss something? PH

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

PH - BFF means "Best Friend Forever" it's just lingo the kids use when texting and emailing and actually, talking. It's more of a term that girls use...not boys...that's why I made the comment! Now you're up to speed.

Anonymous said...