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Welcome to my blog! I'm a wife, mother of four and a self-employed freelance writer. I live on a dairy farm with my family and I enjoy sharing our life with family, friends and anyone else who wants to visit the farm. There's no telling what the I will write about from day to day, but hopefully you'll be enriched when you stop by! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

They lost....but who cares?

It's another cool morning on the Knolltop.

Last evening I travelled with my BFF Sue to Sarah's first volleyball game. They lost. In two games they lost miserably. I think they are too excited about their very first homecoming dance on Friday. As 7th graders they now get to do so much more and dances are just one of the many exciting happenings. What's funny is, that when the boys lose, they are bummed and it takes a while to get over it. When the girls lose, they don't dwell on it, they bounce back to the locker room, change their clothes and are looking forward to what the concession stand has to offer!

I finally got my salsa made and was ready to put it into jars last night after the game. When I went to get the lids! You know lids are one of those things you buy here and there thinking you might need some this year. And then you realize you have enough lids for a small army so you stop buying. And then all of a sudden... no lids!

Needless to say, I'm off to the store this morning for lids and have a couple of other stops. I might even stop at the bakery...I've had a hankerin' for a big fritter!

Luke has a game tonight so I will start chores with Bobby, JW will take over for me and I"ll go to the game while they finish up and then Bobby will come when he's done with the milking and leave the rest to JW who has been the best help this fall! Now I know why we had children......they are a great workforce!