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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pitch fork entertainment

Yesterday I had a list a mile long of things I was going to accomplish. Mow and trim the yard, get the laundry caught up, go grocery shopping, cook a meal that didn't resemble anything we ate last week and get a nap.

But as time went by, my ambition left me and all I got done was trimming the yard, grocery shopping, cooking a meal and a nap, with a couple loads of laundry added in. Meanwhile, my lovely neighbor up the road who also spent the last week at the fair told me she had all her laundry done by 10:50 am! Yes, she cheated, she went to the laundromat!

I haven't heard from JW directly, but I see from the comment left last evening that the Nunes family is keeping tabs on the boys. The report is that JW and Levi are proficient at pitch fork leaning. You know, pitch fork leaning is a lost art that really takes quite a while to master. I'm glad to see that all the evenings spent in the barn leaning on our fork has finally paid off and he's getting to show off his sweet pitch fork skills. The pitch fork leaning lessons might have helped too....I'm really good a leaning and Bobby is a master at fork twirling....something he claims he mastered while on the road as a fitter. Oh, those family talents passed down from generation to generation are just so precious!