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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home with Hardware

JW rolled in last evening with a very heavy bag....full of awards! He was very tired, but had enough energy to spread out all the awards on the table and tell us all about the contest.

He said he had the highest placing score, but his reasons weren't as good....that's why he was third. So, let me list his accomplishments and then I'll get off my "proud mom" kick.

JW was third high individual over all and his team placed first in reasons, first in Holsteins, first in Jerseys, first in Brown Swiss and first in Ayrshires. They only breed they didn't win was Guernseys. He came home with two medals, three ribbons, a plaque for the Jersey win, a plaque for the Brown Swiss win, a milk bottle for the Holstein win and a really pretty plate with an Ayrshire on it for the Ayrshire win.

Both the FFA and the 4-H team won the contest but the collegiate teams didn't fare so well. So as Joe Domecq, the judging coach at MSU, said the future is bright for Michigan Dairy Judging teams!

Renee McCauley took them out to PA and I guess she was as excited as the kids were....which she should be! When they got back to MSU Joe was there to greet them and as only a judging team coach can do he looked at JW and said something like, "I guess you did alright".....JW looked at him and thought he would've gotten a little happier greeting than that for coming home with all this hardware....but Joe said, "Dub, I saw your reasons score, we've got some work to do!" You gotta love judging team coaches!

For those of you who get the Farmshine...JW's team picture should be in there sometime soon, so please look for it and let me know if you see it!

I want to thank everyone who prayed for JW, it paid off for him! By the way, I also received some good news from Sara, who I asked for prayer for over their housing situation. She said it looks like they are making progress with a difficult situation and things are looking up! God is so good!!!!

Today is the rummage sale...I can't wait!


Julia said...

Congratulations JW! I so know how the reasons are a killer! At one of my major contests I only swapped a pair - dropping only 2 points for the whole contest in placings but ended up somewhere in the top 10 because of reasons. I do have to say that there has been many times in my career that I have fallen back on those oral reason skills to get me through presentations.
Keep up the good work!

somebody said...