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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JW got third!

Well, I had a post all typed out, but I lost it all!

Although I haven't heard from the horses mouth yet, JW, I did hear from another mom of two kids that are on the same judging trip that the Michigan kids did really well. Ella Mann, mother of Sarah and Matt Mann called and said that Sarah called her all excited because Sarah had won the whole contest! Isn't that amazing?????!!!!! And then she said that JW was third in the overall contest!!!! Now that is awesome! I'm so proud! That is a huge accomplishment and a great payoff for all the hard work they've done this fall.

It seems like this fall they have worked a lot harder on their reasons and have looked at a lot more cattle. I know JW said a couple of times he was tired of looking at cows and giving reasons! I'm just glad they were rewarded for their work.

I just tried to call but all I got was JW's voice mail, so when I hear more specifics, I'll post it here!

In the meantime, I finally got all my peaches put up and I"m going to head down to the garden and pick some tomatoes....ugh!