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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clip Man to Mom

It's raining on the Knolltop. I think we've got remnants of Ike, but thank heavens we don't have hurricanes in Michigan!!!!!

Yes, the SBH in his comment yesterday was correct, I was a member of the "Chain gang" last night at the football game. And it was so much fun! There were many comments made and strange looks from the officials as they came up and asked where the clip man was and they pointed to me. After they realized it was no joke, they offered me a handshake and asked if I knew what I was doing. Bobby assured them the newest crew member had been trained and knew what to do. Even though I didn't really know exactly....yet.

After the first play of the game, I figured out just exactly what my role was and it was a riot standing there on the front lines watching the game and listening to the opposing team coaches talk to each other, discuss plays and tell their boys what to do.

They were all very courteous to one another and to me. I knew of couple of the boys on the team, so I made small talk with them, but then I had to turn from "Clip Man" to the Official Mom.

For the most part the players were very nice and treated their water "girl" with respect. But there were a couple of boys who were very demanding and forgot their manners. When I witnessed this I totally forgot what I was doing and turned into a mom. Before I could stop myself I said, "Hey, you need to be nice to her, she doesn't have to be out here doing this, she's serving this team and you need to remember your manners with her. Don't you treat her like that!"

After watching their expressions change from big strong football players to scolded puppies, I remembered my job and that I wasn't signed up to be the team mom, so I turned and shut my mouth. But I'm sure if their mothers had seen their behavior, they would thank me for what I did.

The rain held off for the most part and homecoming was a success. Although the Juniors who built their float in our barn, forgot to make arrangements to transport the float from our place to the school. So there were only three floats at halftime. That's okay, their float was down right awful anyway! Oh and we lost 36-0. It wasn't pretty.


Anonymous said...

I think you might be getting Ike, but it is still in Texas as of Sat. afternoon.

Anonymous said...

We haven't had floats for 10-15 years, now we had banners. It was so much fun decorating floats, one I do remember at FHS, was our class made a pumkin and pulled by Musolf horses. I think, it was cool. Correct me if I'm wrong. ph

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