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Monday, September 8, 2008

Big News

Where do I begin? First of all, let's get this political stuff out of the way. I'm thrilled that all of you who commented would feel the freedom to share your views. Thank you so much for allowing the rest of us a peek into your lives. And just like my BFF Julie (that's best friend forever, Julie) has never let me down, she continues with sharing her strong liberalism. I thought time and children would wear her down and bring her to the right side of things...but I see she is still her Father's daughter...a true Democrat! HA! Like I told her older sisters at Palmerton's sale on Saturday, George Robb would be proud of his youngest daughter!

But what amazes me is for two friends who have grown up together and shared so much of our lives with each other, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum in our political views and we still care so much for each other. Now that's what I call reaching across party lines! HA! I love you Julie!

Now for the fun of the day. On Saturday we did something I never thought I'd ever see my husband the Holstein Junkie do....we bought two Jersey's at the Hapalson dispersal. As we sat there and looked over the cows, it was strange to see Bobby, the pedigree wizard at a loss when it came to knowing any of the pedigrees on these cows. He was so lost he was asking ME what I thought! At the end of the day two fresh cows arrived at the Knolltop and that was the beginning of the end of family harmony. The boys are in an uproar about these brown "goats" in our barn. They can't believe this is happening and refuse to recognize that two of our stalls are now, half filled Jerseys.

But the real fun was Russell Gammon's response to the boys reaction. Remember, Russell is the Executive Secretary of Jersey Canada. He offered some wise advice that I just have to share with all of you! He sent the following email to me:

To completely quell the nausea, despair and hurt threatening to overflow in the lives of your two eldest children let me just say that Jersey calves especially in the first three months of their earthly existence are THE ULTIMATE BABE MAGNETS. We are actually convinced that they can whop a basket full of playful puppies or kittens! The dudes should consider this deep in their hearts!
One peep that there are Jersey calves and any of the young frauliens worth knowing will be swarming all over the Knolltop! If that doesn't do the trick, and it will, tell them these precious words:
A. Suck it up!
C. Let it go!
D. Let go and let God!
E. If you can't beat them thar pesky l'I'll brown cows, join em!
F. Just be thankful you got a pair before demand is so extreme there are none left available!
G. Y'all have done arrived!
H. Now, yer joy is complete!
I. The cheering for y'all is deafening!
J. It was only done to honour the Palmertons! Although the same family will likely hold a heifer sale someday!
K. It would warm the heart of an elderly man to have a picture of JW and Luker planting great big kisses on the snouts of the new brown ladies!

This is FAR too much fun! As you can see!
Okay I WILL stop-for now!
As I can now say to you: JERSEY ON!
Big cheers! The Rman!!

Is there no end to this Russell mania?


~ Sara ~ said...

Pictures??? Do we get any??? :) I personally can't get enough of looking at toast colored bovines.

Anonymous said...

The SB said, "that is like Col. Sanders eating pork." S B H

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Liss tell those 2boys tojust relax and enjoy the different personalities in those 2 pretty brown working girls because they sure are different than Holsteins and they will bring a little excitement into the barn--besides, a little color is nice--even if it is smaller and brown. Who knows where this will lead!!! mom

messingar said...

Well, I have to say, Russell was absolutely right! We know it's only a matter of time before the world realizes how wonderful these brown girls are. The calf concept is right on the money, those girls will be swarming your boys at the fair when they finally give in and put some in your string! That's the reason why my brother brought our Jersey Junior Calf to the fair this year, she wasn't that good. Every day, at 6 in the afternoon, he'd take that calf out and an hour later he would come back swarmed with girls! JW and Luke just haven't figured out how to use the brown cows to their advantage! :) I agree with sara, we need to see some picture of those adorable brown faces!

threecollie said...

Very similar reaction here at Northview to the first Jerseys a few years back. They are beautiful cows....truly lovely. That said, we still make Liz who brought the first one home, milk them.

Anonymous said...

I love ya too Lissa! Yes, I am an avid democrat with liberal leanings, but actually on the Palin issue(Mother with young kids at least) I have found that I am more "conservative" than most true conservatives! I have to tell you - I have really missed Dad the last couple of weeks - he would have burned up the remote watching all this political craziness! Don't worry though, I can call my liberal brother Ross for support anytime!

Good Luck with those Jerseys! All I remember is that when they step on your feet, they twist those little hooves in and the pain rivals cows twice their size!)

Oh - and based on the pictures of your boys - I think they are probably already "BABE MAGNETS" and do not need any help from jersey calves!!
Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

"oh Bobby Hart, what have you done?"

somebody said...