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Friday, September 5, 2008

Great Game!

Good Friday Morning!

It's a cool, cloudy Knolltop and boy do I like it.

I spent last evening in Camden, my home away from home....where the Farmers' Advance is based and where I had my first editor's job. Anyway, I was at Luke's game and boy was it a good one. Luke played several positions and did a great job. He played quarterback part of the time and carried the ball...the announcer called it a quarterback keeper....who knows? But anyway, he would keep the ball and run instead of throwing it or giving it to someone else to run it. And then he threw it for a touchdown in the last quarter. I was so proud of him! I know, I know..that's a big newsflash!

He was happy with the way he played and they won...18-0. The announcer for the game also worked at the Farmers' Advance as a salesman. Rick Clark is retired now but really should pick up a new career as a sports commentator...he's so good! Of course he said hi to Bobby and I over the microphone and announced during the game that Luke Hart out there on the field playing so well was Bobby and Melissa Hart's son. That was a bit embarrassing...especially since right after that, Luke got an off side's penalty called him!

Tonight is a home varsity game and JW and Bobby will run the chains and Luke will march in the band...which he is dreading. I've still got to make some salsa today, run some errands, I just wrote my column...yes about the attributes of lipstick and the heifers are waiting for their baths.

I just got my email wasn't sending any emails out. So all week I've been sending emails out and no one has gotten them! Technology is so wonderful.....!

And thanks for those who posted comments about Sarah Palin...but there are still some who are holding out on me....let me hear what you think!


Anonymous said...

I am all for a strong, independent woman rising to VP or President of the United states. However, I think women need to stop being excited at the novelty of a woman nominated as VP and really look at the person. I in no way can support a woman that sacrifices her children for her own ambition. All public officials sacrifice their family to some extent but how could you knowingly subject your teenage daughter to the scrutiny of the entire country? I don't think she knows what family values are and that also shows me a lot about her lack of judgement.

People say they like Sarah Palin because they feel they can relate to her as small town hockey mom. I can relate to her also. I too juggle kids, sporting, community events and a job. And frankly - there are many days that I feel that I am spread too thin and not doing any of the juggling hats very well. So why would I want her to be in one of the most important jobs in this country???

I also do not feel that a person that that has governed a town about the size of Howell MI and a state that has a population of only .3% of our country has the knowledge to make the important decisions to keep our economy running or our country safe.

I will not even go into where she stands on the major issues. As you can guess, I am standing on the other side.

Anonymous said...

However you feel about Sarah Palin, you gotta love that little Piper. The shot of her slicking down her little brother's hair after licking her hand was priceless! She also had the beauty queen wave down pat!

~ Sara ~ said...

This is how I feel about it.
#1. We don't know her personally nor do we know her family or how they feel about her sacrifices to government. We don't know very much about her personally and yet people feel the need to judge and criticize. At least she kept baby Trig, she promotes creationism in public schools, and she seems to want the government to go back to the people who have elected these officials... what a switch that would be.

#2. Her pregnant daughter was in "the family way" BEFORE all of this started. And HOW would feel if she didn't come out and be honest about it. What were they going to do? Hide her daughter until the election was over. Think of that… everyone would start saying she (Palin) LIED, how is she going to be as the VP now?!?! This is a personal family matter, let it be just that. And besides that, it was her daughter and her boy-friends choice to have premarital sex. And NO I'm not saying that I agree or its right... I'm just saying... these kinds of things happen to the best of families... I should know... I was one of those happenings.

#3. At least she has more than 180 days of experience in government. And she is not going to be running the country as president... That will be McCain’s job. And wouldn't it be better for her to LEARN on the job as VP rather than as President like Obama?

As you can tell I'm for the McCain/Palin ticket. And I was undecided until McCain picked Sarah Palin... After all what a better choice than a "Sarah" to help run the country.:)

Sara :)

Anonymous said...

While I tend to like Palin's down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach, I abhor her stance on nearly every issue. And I tend to prefer my candidates with more class than sass, which is why I supported Hillary Clinton. She is the woman responsible for those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling!

somebody said...