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Saturday, June 23, 2007

West comes East

The westerners made it to the great lakes last night. My sister and her family showed up at Luke's ball game last night and were able to sit and watch most of his game with us. It was such a treat to have them here, sharing one of our passions with us. The boys have changed so much, but have also stayed the same. I enjoyed watching all of the cousins interact with each other, especially John the college student and my daughter. They sparred the whole time they were together...too much alike maybe?

They left for Grandmas house about 9 or so, but they are still on Montana time, so it was early for them! I'm sure they will be tired this morning. It sure is good to see them!

By the way, Luke's team lost the first game and won the second. Luke pitched the second game and caught the first game. Sarah's team lost, I wasn't able to see that, it was at 5 pm...right during chore time.

Today, we're fixing fence, every night when we come home from a ballgame there are at least two or three cows out...time to put an end to that!.