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Friday, December 21, 2007

Double game day and the Farmshine

Good Morning from the Knolltop. the sunrise is beautiful this morning and if I didn't look at the calendar I'd think it was early March. You can smell the warmer temps just feels like a typical spring day.

Well, today is the last day of school for the kids. Jake took cheese and crackers for his party, Sarah said she doesn't get a party...just work ....all the time! Luke has a party in third hour...that teacher must be a party animal and I have no idea about JW...JW doesn't have any idea about JW.....he couldn't find his backpack this morning and when he went to start his truck, it was dead...he came in and I told him to just wiggle the battery posts, the clamp thingy probably came loose... he did and it started! Yes, just give me a master mechanic certificate!

After school today, Luke and Jake will ride the bus to Pittsford for their final game of the season and JW will head to Tekonsha. We will start chores early, run to Pittsford and pick up Luke and Jake and go west to Tekonsha for the last half of JW's game. Because Luke's game is at 4 pm, we won't make it. They just didn't think about dairy farmers when they set that game up! :)

Well, I've got baking, wrapping and running to do today...better get going!

One more column finally ran in the Farmshine...Bobby read it last night, I didn't believe him until he showed it to me. I sent that column in back in July....I guess they just didn't have room until now.

So Beth from PA... now you can email them and tell them how much you enjoyed it and how you want it to run every week!


threecollie said...

I don't know how you do it all with sports, the holiday and farming all at once. To me Christmas is fun, but hard. We are challenged to get through it and we don't have anyone playing sports (although we did lose some of our best help to a piano moving party yesterday.)

Anonymous said...

Wait, what issue was it in? I've given up looking for it! I just got this week's paper and I don't think we still have last week's paper floating around anymore. AGH! Figures! I missed it! I looked in this week's paper and see that they don't have another article. Does this mean that you will now send them another one? I hope so. I will do a better job looking for them in Farmshine from now on.
Have a Merry Christmas and try to relax at some point! Sounds like you have a full schedule!
Beth in PA

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Hey threecollie--Yes, it gets hectic at this time...but we seem to make it work...we miss a few minutes of this game and a few minutes of that game...but it's worth all the hustle we put into it. Plus we rely on good friends to help us with rides for the kids if we need it. Last spring was the most difficult to say the least...I stayed home and milked most of the time while my husband went to every baseball game...I usually made it to the tailend of the games, but he made sure he was at everyone...didn't want to miss a single pitch!

Beth...yes it was in December 14th to the last page. I've sent them a couple of stories...but I will send another current one and see what they do. Not sure what's happening there in PA!

Anonymous said...