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Friday, December 28, 2007

Montanan's back in milk business!

Well, from what I hear from Pryorvu, Four Dot Dairy in Joliet, Montana is back in the milk peddling business....yeehaw!

My nephew, Tom, and his family support system have been selling fresh milk out in Montana and making a killing, I might add. Well, it's a killing compared to what we sell our milk for, I don't think my brother in law is ready to sell his custom cabinetry business and become a full time dairy farmer with two cows just yet.

Now after having both cows dry for a spell...(get it? dry spell?...HA!) they are now back in business with the new heifer delivery on Christmas Eve. How fun for them to have a new Ayrshire heifer! As Pryorvu described, I'm sure it was a beautiful sight to see this newborn on Christmas Eve, with fresh snow. How nice of you to create that word picture for us!

Now for the Knolltop update....yesterday JW's team lost to Jonesville, I think they just had too much Christmas fudge and eggnog. They just weren't playing their best. Today they will play Reading...hopefully they'll come out with a win.

I made my final guest appearance for 2007 on Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos and Kyle Bauer yesterday and of course it was a total riot. We discussed everything from the tiger attack to the mistake it was to have Don Imus on RFD-TV. I love doing radio!

Now, I've got to play catch up, a column to write and laundry to do!