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Sunday, July 29, 2007

One step forward

It's another sunny Sunday here on the Knolltop.

Yesterday we junked a lot of stuff and got a lot of work done. We cleaned out some areas in the barn then we moved some cows around. We've got a lot of dry cows right now, so we kicked them out to pasture and moved the milk cows around. Big Daddy was so pleased with all the work we accomplished in such a short time he was feeling great....until of the kids came in and said while they were taking a shower the other night when it was raining...they spotted the ceiling leaking in the bathroom. Like Bobby said, "One step forward, two steps back."

I'm not sure how God is going to take care of that one....milk prices are up, but unexpected problems like that aren't in the budget! But God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He knows our need and I'm sure He's got a great plan, we just have to follow it.

In the mean time, those boys cleaned their tractor barn last night...they swept and got rid of a few's beautiful! I sat down there on the couch last night and it was so peaceful. I was waiting for Sarah to come back with the halter so we could catch Bud and ride. We rode and rode and didn't get in the house until 9:30 pm!

Coffee is good this's a bit cool and perked coffee is always better on a cool morning. Better get ready for church!


T-Shirt said...

Uh..yeah, good thing God raised milk prices. That way, more poverty stricken families in the third world can go without milk in order for you to pay for you leaky shower repair. Yep, good ol' God. He always comes through.

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

It's amazing to me how you can connect poverty stricken people, higher milk prices and my leaky roof. First of all, God is soveriegn, watching out for all of us. Yes, there are awful things happening to innocent people, but sin in the world isn't new, it began in the garden with Adam and Eve. Nothing is perfect except God and heaven...nothing. So with that sinful world we are expected to operate the best we can, trying all the while to glorify God. Can I take cheap milk to the third world countries? No, I can't. I have a husband and four children and a farm to take care of. My responsibility is here on this farm producing milk as efficiently as I can for the rest of the world What can I do instead? Monetarily support the missionaries who are called by God to go to the third world countries and dig wells so they can have fresh water and take them supplies that we aren't using anymore so they can be supplied with clothing, food and even artificial legs.
Is it a crime for my family to make a living producing milk and actually get paid a price that is high enough to pay my bills? No. If it is, then Bill Gates, Donald Trump and the like should be locked up for ever.
Is it wrong for God to bless me? I hardly think so, He wants to bless all of His children, He loves you and He loves me and He has blessings that are unimaginable for all of us...if we just ask.
So when you post such comments on a farmer's blog...are you doing so with a full stomach? Did you eat today? Do you have the resources to eat? Maybe you should think more about where you food is coming from and about what you can do to send some to the third world countries youself.
Thanks for your comments...stop by again.

Anonymous said...