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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Rain

Well, it's raining and blowing this morning and we're supposed to be in for some stormy weather today. You know what that means....more attention to indoor projects like laundry. That seems to be the only thing I do. If I didn't have laundry to do in a day I think I would be absolutely lost! Like not heading out to the barn to milk cows morning and night. Although I could get used to sleeping in...very quickly...not going over to the barn every evening would be very disorienting for me.

So, what makes your day normal? What do you do everyday that gives you routine in your life?

Yesterday was a busy day, Bobby and I ventured into town in JW's new truck. Yes, he finally earned enough money to pay for his truck and it's sitting in the driveway right now. I'll get a picture later...I know you just can't wait to see that gem!

As I said, we headed to town for a round of errands. While he didn't intend on doing as many as I had in mind, he didn't complain too much about sitting in the grocery store parking lot while I headed in "just for some coffee"....six bags later....I came out with just the necessities of know, coffee, shampoo, ginger snaps, cereal, cheesecake, butter, flour, sugar, apple turnovers....I was hungry.

After stopping at the feed store, TSC and the orchard, we were home again. Then the vet came by to vaccinate some calves and pregnancy check some cows. The curious thing about this particular vet is that she is 8 months pregnant and is still standing behind a cow with her hand shoved up her......Wow and that belly doesn't even get in the way! It was when she came into the barn with the ultrasound machine strapped to her person. Oh my, was that a sight. I almost ran in and got my camera, but I didn't want to embarrass her. After all she took my laughter so well. Ol' Doc is a great sport and is a cute mother-to-be in her blue overalls, that big belly and her rubber boots.

In the end, we have lots of cows who are pregnant to good bulls and will freshen at the right time for show calves.

Breakfast awaits!


Anonymous said...

30 years ago I never could have
imagined agriculture would be
so depentent a female for existance
FFA , company reps , vets,you name
it and they are there doing their
part, even 8 mounths preg
Francis and Pat

s said...

routine;alarm at 5am, hit snooze until 5:10 then up in the twilight state of semi-consciousness until the first sip of coffee then off to the barn to greet the girls-become totally awake about halfway thru milking-like you said not going to the barn every night would really mess me up-it's amazing at how fast I think I would morph into a couch potato if the cows weren't waiting. What do non-dairy people do after supper?? Our last vet was a petite little gal who was undaunted by our big holsteins, she did it all from drenching to prolapses. when she became pregnant the only thing she wouldn't do was handle the prostaglandin and lutalyse.she worked right up to a week before her delivery, we sure miss her -good large animal vets are hard to come by!

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

I'm totally with you on that couch potato thing...I know I would gain weight if I didn't have that work in the barn...I like to eat too much. When I went to college that was the strangest thing...even five years into it I still had a strange feeling at about 5 pm that I should be doing someting. Your routine is much like mine...I like to snooze for a few alarm is set for 4 am...I don't get out of bed until about 4:20!

Anonymous said...