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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Horse Havoc

Well, my good friend and commrade Trent Loos is up to something....again. He's taking a stand next week in defense of horse harvesting. The stars in Hollywood don't think we should slaughter horses so they've managed to lobby their way to closing all the horse slaughter plants in the nation. Now we have unwanted horses being dropped off like unwanted kittens instead of being used for useful products like pet food--uncontaminated pet food, I might add. Trent feels a ban on horse harvesting will undoubtedly create unwanted horse problems but beyond that it is a violation of the personal property rights of farmers and ranchers. So Trent has developed a plan. He's going to stampede the Illinois state capitol on Tuesday, May 8. That's right, he has secrured horses for anyone who shows up in support of his horse harvest rights rally and they will ride(calmly, not actually stampede) to the state capitol and demonstrate while the Illinois state senators prepare to vote on HB 1711 (an anti-slaughter bill) in committee later that day. What I would like for anyone who reads this is to pray for the group. I guess things can get kind of hairy when it comes to horse slaughter. This needs to be a safe, effective demonstration.