Knolltop Farm Wife

Welcome to my blog! I'm a wife, mother of four and a self-employed freelance writer. I live on a dairy farm with my family and I enjoy sharing our life with family, friends and anyone else who wants to visit the farm. There's no telling what the I will write about from day to day, but hopefully you'll be enriched when you stop by! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, I had another victory yesterday. Yes, I know those of you who know me well, will not believe this....especially my mom. I got the whole garden planted yesterday! The victory isn't the fact that it's all planted, the miraculous aspect is that usually I buy the plants that I plan on putting in and when I get home from the greenhouse I put them in the backyard until I get ready to plant. In the meantime, they get dried out and wilted then I have to bring them back to life a few times and then when I finally get around to planting them about half of them have died from heat exhaustion! Then I have to go back and buy more plants. But yesterday was different. Yesterday, I tilled up the ground then went to the greenhouse, came home and put them right into the dirt! I think that's a first for me. Now if I can just keep the chickens out of it!