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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't touch the hat!

It's a clear breezy morning here on the Knolltop. The humidty has left us for a couple of days...but I'm sure it will be back before long.

I have to attend a Promotion and Education meeting this morning for our county Farm Bureau. I love to brain storm about this kind of's the getting right down to doing the stuff isn't always that fun. And I always want to do something about dairy farming...I don't always consider the cash crop and other commodities for promotion...I guess as long as our urban friends learn something about agriculture, we've accomplished our goal.

JW is off to Green Meadow Farms to judge today, he's already gone. He had to go without his hat...Sarah's friend came over last night and took his hat and threw in into the cornfield....they couldn't find it after about an hour of looking. He said he feels naked without his hat. That's one thing these young girls need to learn, you don't touch a man's hat!


Anonymous said...

Young men should know that if they
are around young ladies, they should have an exra hat or two
Francis and Pat

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

They have extra hats...but you know they have their favorite...that one that goes to the cow barn, to the field, to the house, the one that used to be green and white that is now grey and black?
Honestly Pat, how many farmers out there have more than one really broken in favorite hats? Its like having more than one husband...can you imagine breaking in a new one at this point in your life? HA!
Those are hard to come we're in the process of breaking in a new one.

Anonymous said...