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Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's build an ark

I think we might have to build an ark the way it's been raining here! I'm not complaining...having the rain come just keeps me inside doing projects that need attention.

Today is the first day of Junior High Football practice and Luke won't be there. He's decided he doesn't want to play this year. The only problem is...there are others who do want him to play and one stopped by the other night. He told Luke that his son won't play if Luke doesn't play.'s hard for me to believe Jr. High Football is that important to a man....but it is and we don't even live in Texas. I wonder if Luke will change his mind....I think he's considering it. I love to watch all my kids play any sport so I would love for him to play...but he says he doesn't really enjoy football like he does baseball and basketball. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, this morning JW and Luke will be unloading straw for a neighbor and Sarah and I have to head to town...I'm out of butter and when I'm out of butter, I'm out of groceries!

Yesterday I actually felt like cooking because the weather was so cool. We had baked chicken, new potatoes with brown butter, stir fry veggies and homemade rolls. I just love cooking Sunday dinner. Growing up, mom always made a big Sunday dinner and it was always so good. Right now, I'm thinking we had homemade pie every Sunday, but I'm sure we didn't, it just seemed like it. And no one in the world can make better pie crust than my one! If I hadn't put all my peaches in the freezer, I would've made a pie yesterday, but I just couldn't bring myself to using any peaches that I had just put in the freezer....seems like I should wait until the snow flies or at least until the first freeze.

Better get the pancakes on the table....without butter....that's practically breaking the law!


Anonymous said...

Fowlerville Mi 2PM jWe laid the keel for our ark this am, and expect to have the main sail and jib in place by midnite....

and I think this 2.5 inches so far is just fine. dad

Anonymous said...

We are at just about 3 inches now
A big Sunday dinner was a tradition
for both of us and we have kept the tradition going. Lots of good food , desert fresh out of the oven and warm homemade bread, love
that bread maker
Francis and Pat

Anonymous said...